Discover the world of Greece with GreekLingua! We are your online hub for learning Greek, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to brush up on your skills. Our interactive courses are designed to meet the needs of all learning styles and levels, making GreekLingua the ideal gateway to the Greek language and culture. Explore our course options and choose the one that suits you best!

Greek language courses

Greek for Beginners

A beginner-friendly course that makes learning the language fun and easy!

Advanced Greek

Take your Greek to the next level, exploring deeper linguistic and cultural insights!

Conversational Greek

Master everyday communication , with focus on conversation skills and fluency!

Greek Culture and Tradition

Explore Greek culture and tradition through music, literature, gastronomy and arts!

Glimpse into my story

Hi! 🙂  I’m Panagiotis, founder of Greek Lingua.

Ed Tech facilitator and educator, specialized in teaching Greek as a second/foreign language, with a strong focus on developing online educational tools for language learning and training design.

My journey in education began 11 years ago as a volunteer in diverse contexts, where I supported vulnerable and minority groups, aiming to minimize school dropouts and enhance literacy levels. Today, with 7 years of professional experience, my passion for creating inclusive learning environments for both adults and youth has only grown stronger.

I hold two Master’s Degrees in the fields of Education and second/foreign language teaching, and I graduated from the Department of Mediterranean Studies with a degree in Linguistics from the University of the Aegean.


Learner-centered focus

You are at the center of the learning journey. By tailoring lessons to your needs, goals, and preferred learning style, we create a personalized and engaging experience that fosters deeper understanding and motivation.

Communicative Approach

We prioritize real-world communication. Through practical activities based on everyday situations, you’ll develop fluency and confidence in using Greek for speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a natural and meaningful way.

Task-Based Learning

Learning by doing! We utilize task-based learning, where you’ll complete practical tasks that mirror real-life scenarios. This approach enhances problem-solving, critical thinking, and your ability to apply Greek in everyday situations.

Authentic Texts & Corpora

We bridge the gap between the classroom and real-life Greek. By integrating authentic materials such as news articles, films and language corpora, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of contemporary vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects.

Scaffolding and Customisation

 We offer various learning materials and activities to cater to different learning styles and levels. We gradually increase complexity as students progress, providing support where needed.

Engaging Technology & Gamification

Learning Greek should be fun! We leverage technology and gamification to create interactive and engaging learning experiences. Multimedia resources, online platforms, and game-like elements keep you motivated, participating, and retaining information as you progress on your Greek language journey.

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Select a course that fits your needs

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Take a free induction course

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Step 04

Plan your learning experience

Join us on an educational journey into Greek language and culture.


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  • 10 lessons 300€
  • 20 lessons 600€
  • 40 lessons 1100€
  • 5 lessons 165€
  • 10 lessons 330€
  • 20 lessons 660€
  • 40 lessons 1200€
  • 5 lessons 140€
  • 10 lessons 280€
  • 20 lessons 560€
  • 40 lessons 1050€
  • 5 lessons 130€
  • 10 lessons 260€
  • 20 lessons 520€
  • 40 lessons 1000€

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